scenes from the weekend.

Thursday night after work we took a short walk to the local park right by our house. 
Friday went to Keeneland to see some ponies! It was a beautiful day!
Saturday we started the day with a late lunch outside on our back deck. We had two ducks just chilling on the side of our pool. Then headed to the front and let me just say this....Hadley is going to be hard to get to come inside this summer, she would've spent all night out there if we would've let her. 
Sunday I mowed the grass for the first time this year, and I broke the blade! Ran over a tree stump that I was obviously not paying attention to and it bent the blade so bad it doesn't work now.
Sunday she spent at her grandparents house, outside again!

It was a fantastic weekend weather wise! Beautiful all weekend long. Makes for long summer days, just spending time with my favorite peeps.

Happy Monday folks! Make it a great week...

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