louisville trip.

Over the weekend I went on a girls trip to Louisville, Kentucky.  It's an annual trip through a church, they take you on a big 'ole bus to a fun city for a weekend. My Mom and I used to go years ago, but stopped for awhile. Louisville is not that far of a drive, so the bus trip was pretty short.
The ride on the way down is the most fun, they have raffles, split the pot, music, and alcohol. 
First stop was at Elk Creek Winery we received a complimentary wine glass, wine, and lunch.
Arrived at our hotel in the afternoon, this was the view from our room.
Had a late lunch / early dinner at Wild Rita's the Margarita's looked amazing, but I just had beer (way less calories!).
After Wild Rita's, we stopped at a Bourbon Bar, which I totally forget the name of! Little hole in the wall type place with some interesting people.
I did not do a good job of getting a photo of the 4th Street Live sign, but this was the entrance to a ton of bars. And this city is filled with young bucks....all over the place. We ventured out to Howl at the Moon where they had two piano's, and a drummer playing and singing songs. 
Saturday afternoon we did a tour of the Jim Beam Distillery  which was my favorite part of the entire trip! 
It was a little chilly, but the sun was out and was gorgeous.
Inside the main place was tons of things you could buy, candles, tshirts, chocolate, spices, etc. 
We learned how the bourbon is made from scratch, very very interesting!
Here is where they bottle the bourbon up! Since they do not make their own glass bottles, the way they wash them is they rinse the bottle out with actual bourbon....you know....alcohol? 
This was the actual house Jim Beam and his family lived in on the property, now they use it as an office.
At the end of the tour you get to taste any two Jim Beam flavors. I tried Apple, Kentucky Fire, and Honey. 
After the Jim Beam tour we went back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. 
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Blu Italian Grille inside the Marriott hotel. I failed to get a picture of our actual dinner, but Mom and I shared calamari and a delicious steak! 
After dinner, we ventured out to a few places on 4th Street Live. Like I said earlier, a very young crowd in the bar scene. Makes it interesting to people watch for sure!
On Sunday the last day, we ate some breakfast, and headed onto the bus. No stops just straight home. We watched the movie Sisters, it was pretty funny.
When I got home, the big kids Brady & Natalie were at a Reds game with their Mother, and Hadley was sleeping. When she woke up she was soo happy to see me! It was adorable. She kept staring at me like "where have you been?" Then she would hug me, then stare, it was sweet. 
Sunday nights we are on an indoor volleyball team, we headed up there a little early to watch the teams before us. We have won 5 games out of 6 so far! Pretty good. Was a fun night with Kev. 

It was fun to see the city of Louisville, but it's also good to be home in my own comfy bed! Hope you have a great week...

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