five books our toddler loves.

Hadley is 16 months old now and we have begun to have a few books that she loves so far in her short little life....
Dear Zoo - one of her favorites from when she was a baby, and is her number one book she grabs. She loves to flip open the animals.

Happy Birthday Sophie - she loves to open the pop up parts, so much they are almost all ripped off.

Baby Faces - She loves looking at all the different faces, we will read this one over and over.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed - she has loved monkeys since she was a newborn, watching Curious George in her little rocker. She never makes it through this entire book, but she likes looking at the monkeys. I usually sing the song instead of read the book.

Flip Tab Dollhouse - loves the flip tab parts, we say what's inside as she opens them.

These are the books she picks up over and over again, so it's safe to say they are her fave. She has lots of books that are spilling over the bin they are in, but these five are her most read. She needs a mini-bookcase for her little room! I love it that she will randomly pick up a book and bring it to us, she'll sit on our lap and want us to read it to her. I sure hope she grows up loving books!

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