do you send thank you notes?

Does anyone write actual thank you notes anymore?

My immediate family and I still do, and I love that. There is something about receiving a hand written note in the mail from a gift, a nice gesture, whatever the case may be. It is nice to get them, and I like sending them. Receiving mail nowadays that is not a bill, magazine, or junk is a simple nice gesture.

Some people believe in saying thank you face to face is enough. And to whomever that may be? That is great if that works for you. I like to send thank yous and I think I always will. Some people appreciate it, some do not. I can't help how people feel, just know that is my feeling and I don't think that will ever change.

My Grandma June and Great Aunt Annie were the queen bees at thank you notes, and just sending cards in general for that matter. They would hand write notes in them, send a random note just because they were thinking of us, those types of things. I love that about them, and I strive to be that way.

Just this past Easter, one of my cousins said how much they appreciate me sending the kiddos birthday cards in the mail, and how much they love getting mail.  Just hearing that made my day! Just knowing I can make the day a little brighter by sending a card/note in the mail is good enough for me.

I totally get it if you are not this type of person, not many are at all by any means. If you are this type of person? Then you share that quality with myself! Yay!

Have a great Tuesday...

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