st. patty's day table runner.

My first table runner! Decided to do it St. Patty's Day style for my friend Jonelle that loves that holiday. Who doesn't right? So here we go. Went to the fabric store and got 1 yard and 3/4 of fabric. I don't know how you're local fabric store is, but the one I went to you need to know exactly how much fabric you need because they were not very willing to help me lol I am not a fabric genius but I took a wild guess and went with it. 
I made the top fabric 20" wide.
Length of the top fabric 58" long.
The top fabric all measured out 20" wide x 58" long.
Used plain green for the back fabric.
Failed to measure the back fabric, but I did measure a little smaller than the top fabric.
Next, lay the top side of each fabric facing each other down. Get the fabrics in place the way you want them, and then pin around all three sides.  Leaving one skinny end open.
Begin sewing each side.  I have no idea if I did this right, but it looked right to me! Just sewed each side.
Leave one skinny end un-sewed to pull the fabric through to make it right side up, and then sew the final edge.
And here it is! My first table runner. I need to figure out how to make one with a border, but for my first one I was so proud of myself!!! 

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