our easter 2016.

A little Easter decor this year on our entry table, and the beautiful pink roses are still kicking from last week!
Our Easter morning started out with Brady & Natalie getting up a little early to find their baskets, and then headed to their Mother's house.  Miss Hadley got up a little after they left, and found her basket under the table.
After Hadley's morning nap, we headed to my parents house. Easter was a little different this year, my parents were a little sickies so they cancelled Easter (insert sad face here). It was the first time ever, but it was best for everyone. We still went over for a little bit to visit on Easter. My Mom gave us the cutest basket, she painted a planter and stenciled bunnies on it, and then had the neatest tag hanging from it! Kev and I are not eating any sugars so we had zero candy! Thanks Mom! 
Hadley is so so good! She loves having lots of people around, she just runs back and forth.
My Mom made Hadley the cutest little bag! I mean how cute is that? She has little labels on things she sews that says "Made just for you, with love by Grandma." I just love it!
As you can tell, Hadley is obsessed with cups. Especially any brand new ones she gets, she just has to have it all the time, it's pretty comical to watch. Glad we got to see Kaiden for a little bit too! Hadley loves playing with him!
Stop #1....check!
Next stop, Rocky's house (my husbands cousin). I'm so glad it was a beautiful day out, we were outside all day long.
Hadley was in hog heaven outside, she just loves it! Rocky had his patio done and it was so nice for the kids to have so much space to just play and be outside.
I try to color coordinate our outfits without looking too matchy matchy! 
For my in-laws, I got them this big opera creme egg! A little story behind this egg, last year they bought all the grand kids their own egg with their name on it, it wasn't that big of a hit. So I thought I'd get them their own egg! It looks delicious! I had them write "Gma & Papa" on the egg.  The candy place is called Fawn Candy, it is the cutest little store and they are super nice there!
It was a great day, long day, but great! Enjoyed seeing both sides of the family, but we missed cousin Allie and Emily this year! We'll see you this summer for sure!

(Side note: Don't forget tomorrow is Ali Edwards' Day in the Life! Click here to read more about it.)

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