movie night : cinderella.

First movie for 2016 is Cinderella! I was so excited to plan this movie night, it's just the cutest! The kids were even more excited, they did a few chores, read their books, and took showers all before the movie started without any complaining!
While the kids were at batting practice, I managed to whip up all of the yummy treats!
Believe it or not, I came up with all of these on a whim. The top level were plain ice cream comes, stuffed a jumbo marshmallow inside, put blue icing around the bottoms, and attached a few candy balls. Super easy, and they look like mini castles. The cookies were plain chocolate chip, on a few of them I dipped half in white chocolate, and others I put a Hershey kiss in the middle of them. The popcorn in the bowls are cheddar popcorn.
Drew a clock on the chalkboard for almost midnight when Cinderella loses her magic! Cut up little cubes of cheese to resemble the little mouse Gus in the movie.  Next to the cheese cubes are frozen graham crackers with cool whip in the middle. Brady & Natalie are not big fans of cool whip, so those did not get eaten, unfortunately.
Jumbo marshmallows dipped in white chocolate! And guess what? The kids do not like white chocolate! Learned a lot about their dislikes and sweets with this movie for sure. Sprinkled blue rock candy on top of them, because Cinderella wears blue!
The new Cinderella movie is super cute, the kids love it. It was so much fun planning this movie night and I can't wait to plan some more this year.

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  1. This is so adorable and creative. Definitely a good idea for when Reagan gets bigger!