march madness.

Are you ready for some college basketball???  Love this time of year! At my old job, we used to be invited to a one-day event that catered food in, free booze, and had big screen TV's all over. My old boss use to let us take the day off work to watch basketball all day. It was awesome.

All the teams are set, now it's time to sit back and watch. Do you have your brackets filled out yet? My husband and I usually do some type of bet. We each fill out a bracket, and then whoever has the most wins has to cook the other one dinner or something along those lines. And then the office pool. Who doesn't do that nowadays? It's a chance to win some coin, and to see if you have the right picks or not.
My favorite team....the University of Cincinnati Bearcats received a No. 9 seed! They play No. 8 seed St. Joseph's. They usually make it past the first round, and then it all depends! But I still root for them for sure! Goooooo UC!

Here is a printable bracket if you'd like to print one out!

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