day in the life / march 2016.

Today I'd like to share my day in the life photos from this Tuesday. So here we go....this is Tuesday, March 29 2016.

5:00am | Hopped in the shower, dried my hair, straightened my hair, put makeup on.  

5:30am | Kev hopped in the shower, got ready then started making Apple Cinnamon Fritters for breakfast! They were pretty darn good. We have been doing great on this diet of ours, trying out new foods that have zero sugar and zero starches. 
We pack our lunch every day, usually some type of fish or chicken, 2 fruits and a veggie.
6:00am | Kev cooked chicken for our lunches. Most mornings I get Hadley up, but this particular morning Kev got her up for me because I was still getting ready after eating breakfast before work.
6:40am | Left to drop off the babe at the sitters house. 
7:08am | Arrived at work. Filled up both water bottles.
7:15am | Wrote down the food for the day, keeping track of calories helps a lot.
7:30am | Checked email, sent out the travel calendar requests for the week.
8:00am | Made some tea because I freeze at work, so much that my ring falls off constantly. Filled up water bottles.
9:00am | Sent the Bus email to my Mom for our trip next weekend! Sent my Aunt a quick text to see how she's doing after her surgery.
10:25am | Ate an apple for a mid-morning snack. Filled up water bottles.
12:30pm | Ate lunch, fajita chicken, lettuce, and an orange. Filled up water bottle.
2:00pm | Went outside to get some warmth and sunshine, talked to Kev for a few. Came back inside to be more cold, filled up water cups.
3:00pm | afternoon snack, yummy strawberries.
4:00pm | work work work!
5:30pm | Picked up Hadley at the Sitters, best part of my day. Once we get home, she loves to have a little snack before dinner is ready.
6:00pm | Hadley loves to be right in the middle of the kitchen while dinner is cooking.
6:30pm | We re-heated Chipolte for Hadley, she loves that place. I had Mahi Mahi and asparagus.
7:00pm | A little playtime after dinner with Hadley's new toy from the Easter Bunny, and then an apple after dinner.
7:15pm | The night before we made some chocolate truffles from scratch, so so good!
7:15pm | After dinner, Kev gave Hadley a bath and then I started on making another snack to try. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites! After Hadley's bath, Kev came out and finished making it. She loves to sit at the bar and get in on the action.
8:00pm | Face timed my parents and Kev's parents for a little bit before bedtime.
8:30pm | After her bedtime bottle, she is ready to lay down.
9:30pm | After Hadley goes to bed, we typically go to bed and watch TV. I am obsessed with the adult coloring books that are out there, it's so relaxing and therapeutic for me. Kev playing solitaire or candy crush on the iPad.

Hope you enjoyed my Day in the Life this year! It's always fun doing this project for a day. Sometimes I think I need to do this randomly to see how my days differ. It would be fun to do this on my off day during the week, or a busy Saturday or Sunday with all 3 kids around.

I did notice while taking photos on this day, it's a lot harder to get pictures of yourself than it is to take of everyone else. Reason why I do not have many of myself and more of Kevin and Hadley. 

Thanks for reading my story and photos!

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