around here.

around here...
  • Kev and I had our annual All-Associates meeting at work.
  • Hadley is obsessed with water bottles and cups.
  • my boss got our team matching jackets with a team logo.
  • we had our first trip to see the Easter Bunny, went just as I planned! hehe
  • bought Hadley the next car seat up, come to realize it does not go rear-facing =(
Not sure what to do about that car seat, it's a really nice one and it was on sale! Going to read up on car seat safety a little more, and then decide to keep it or not. Excited for the weekend! Hopefully we'll do some egg coloring tomorrow, and then the Easter Bunny comes! Fun times.

Have a great Easter weekend folks, the weather is supposed to be nice around here. Enjoy this time with family and friends, and Happy Easter!

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