found a new use for cooking spray!

Do you have some doors or cabinets in your house that creak every time you open them? It drives me nuts. Especially when Hadley is trying to sleep. So I figured out how to stop those creaky doors from making those annoying noises! Cooking spray! Seriously, it's the best and easiest solution.

All you have to do is spray the cooking spray directly onto the hinges of the door. That's it! I sprayed both the front and back of each hinge. You might have to use a paper towel to wipe up some of it that runs down, but other than that, what an easy fix!

I sprayed our front screen door, the front door, the basement door, the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, the cabinet doors underneath the bathroom sink. Zero squeaks now! I even opened the doors a few times back and forth to double check, and no sounds. It's so awesome! Now if I can only get brand new flooring so our hard wood floors don't creak! haha

It cracks me up at the things I get so excited about now. How to stop a squeaky door? I mean when I was twenty-one years old, I'd probably laugh at someone writing about this, but when you get older it's pretty funny at the things that you think about and are interested in.

If you try this out, let me know how it works for you! It worked like a charm for me! 

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