football table runner.

Over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting! And for what? The Superbowl! We are not having a crazy party or anything but I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of football decor to get excited about the big game!
The supplies you'll need are super easy and super cheap. I already had everything at home except the green felt, and they are a quarter a piece! 
I am notorious for using whatever pieces of paper I have nearby. So I found a copy of my benefits statement and literally hand drew a football and cut it out. You could've googled a football stencil, printed out the stencil, then cut that out but I just drew it myself and was done. Might not be perfect, but it worked for me.
Next, I traced the football stencil on the brown felt and then cut out the brown football. Using sewing scissors helps tremendously when cutting felt.
Next were the white strips for the football. You can leave the football plain, or you can add more detail and add laces in the middle of the football. I just added the white strips on either side. I took the scrap pieces of paper leftover from the football stencil, and measured how long the strip should be by placing the piece of paper on the brown felt football. The strips are not perfect by any means, totally up to you how perfect you want your project to be. 
Next, I hot glued together four pieces of green felt. You can make this however long you'd like, depending on the table or space you plan on putting the table runner on. 
Next were the strips! This part took the longest. I measured how wide the green felt pieces were, and then did the strips a little longer on each side so they could be glued to the back to look a little nicer. Totally up to you how many strips you do. You can even get fancy and add yard numbers!
Then I glued the ends of each strip to the back.

Very happy with how this turned out! Very easy DIY project that can easily be done in a day let alone a few hours. I have plans to make mini footballs as coasters if I have some time this week! 

(Found this idea on : Baby Lock)

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