around here.

around here put up new blinds above the couch. So much nicer than the original 1970' style!
around here her new thing is to get pushed around in a bin. 
around here George lays in the weirdest positions on his bed.
around here Miss barefoot queen.
around here finally bought a gate, and Hadley has not once tried to get on the steps = success!
around here first time riding the penny horsey! She did not want to get off of it!
around here eating way healthier and seeing results! 
around here went to the Auto Expo. Love looking at new cars!
around here Hadley was in hog heaven, running around like a free bird and sitting in the cars.
around here our road is closed, they are replacing the water pipes. 
around here Kevin loves having Hadley fall asleep on him just before bed.

Been a busy week! Happy the weekend is here, have some volleyball games, a baby shower, and warmer weather is upon us, for a little while at least. Take it while it's here. Maybe take a walk with the hound dog and the kiddos. Oh and one last thing, celebrating Hadley sleeping through the night for four straight days!!!! TGIF!

Have a good weekend!

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