a short story about a bum cake.

When I first lived in the best apartment ever, my boyfriend at the time...now husband used to work nights, security actually. It was the worst. He was always tired, and the weekends were rough when we had the kids. Finally, he works a regular first shift job! Back to the story...we used to cook lots of dinners together so one night we baked a cake!

When he would go into work at night, he would see lots of homeless people on the streets, some the same, some new, and some random. He had this idea that we should bake a cake and give it to one of those people. Probably not the best word to use, but we called it a bum cake. Once a week, we would bake a cake, and he would offer it up to the people he would see on his way into work. It was a perfectly nice cake, typically yellow cake with chocolate frosting. We would put aluminum foil over to cover it, and protect it in the car.  Then he tried offering it to random people, and the most strangest part about all of this? Not one single person would take the cake! Not one! Isn't that crazy?

If these people are homeless, living on the streets, holding signs to help them, etc., then why not take a perfectly rather large serving of cake for one person to eat?  Maybe they thought it was bad, or was poisonous, I don't know. We were trying to do something nice, but nobody took the cake.

It was a fun little story to tell.  Something we'll remember for a long time and still laugh about!

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