a few easy ways to help a brand new mama.

The first three months or so are the hardest when you first bring the baby home. It's an entirely different world getting used to a tiny little human that is 100% dependent on you, their Mama, twenty-four hours a day. Now that my little babe is one year old, and I also have a baby shower to attend this weekend for a cousin, it had me thinking of the newborn stage again. So...with that in mind, I have come up with a little list that might be helpful if any of you are having a baby, or know of a family member or friend that is having a baby. 

After going through the process of actually birthing a child, and surviving the first most wonderful, awesome, challenging, rewarding year of my life! Some of these things happened to me and they were awesome, and some of them did not happen but would've been even more awesome. I survived and made it through, but just in case other new Moms, or friends of moms-to-be are out there, this might help you out!

Knock on the door, drop off the food, smile, and leave.
She will need someone to listen to her. And let her talk about whatever she wants. 
She may not answer right away, but she will when she can.
Sounds so simple right? But to her it's huge.
Haha! But seriously, welcoming visitors can be very exhausting on a new mom. Don't take it personally, it's just temporary. She has a whole gush of new emotions and it takes awhile to get a handle on those in the beginning.
For me personally, the thought of having organized meals sent to my house would stress me out. I'm not that organized when it comes to meal planning.
Bread, milk, frozen dinners, paper towels, etc.
Why? Because you sincerely care and want to ooh and ahh over the brand new babe.
She might respond back, she might not. But no pressure makes it easier for her to decide.
Or if she doesn't have them ready yet, offer to help with anything she might need to get them ready.
Who doesn't love fresh flowers in the house? It just lightens up the house no matter what season it is.
Something so simple will do wonders. Trust me.
or McDonalds.  Oh and if she has a dog, offer to walk the dog. The dog needs some lovins too after a new baby being in the house.
Tell her you'll wake her if the baby needs anything.
Say that you're thinking of her or you're doing a great job, something to surprise the new Mama and make her smile.
About her husband, the older kids, her baby, her new weird body, with no judgement whatsoever. 
Sometimes a new Mom doesn't want to leave her new baby, so offer to go with her and run errands. Hold the baby while she shops or tries some nursing bras on.
Wipe down the counters, clean the toilet, throw a load of laundry in, empty/load the dishwasher, don't ask. just do it.
She'll need them for a few weeks after birth. She'll probably already have some, but it's nice to have some extra on hand.
Laundry detergent she uses for baby clothes in the beginning, toilet paper, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.
No explanation needed.
Offer to go with her and hold the baby, or stay home with the baby if she lets you!
Don't talk about your own experience. Don't talk about your baby. Just be there and let her pour it all out if she wants to. Don't give advice. Just listen. Seriously. Might be hard to do, but can help tremendously for a new mama.

(Note: These are all my own opinions, and what works/worked for me).

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