would you bring your baby to the movie theater?

This week on the The Big Dave Show radio station, they were talking about an experience one of them had this past weekend at the movie theater.  The guy took his wife, and two children to see the new Star Wars movie, and in walks a couple with a baby.  The baby was about a year and a half or so, just old enough to say mama or dada but that's about it.  It sparked my interest because people had mixed emotions about the topic.
The topic might be controversial for some people or parents, but I have different thoughts.  I am the Mom of a one year old little girl, and I would never dream of taking her to the movies! How can bringing a baby be fun for the parents, or anyone else in the movie theater? Do you really think a baby is going to sit still for two hours, not make a peep, and you'll be able to watch the movie?  Can you watch a movie or anything for that long in your own home with a baby?  I just don't see why some parents would want to pay the outrageous costs to see a movie, and then not be able to enjoy it because of the baby?  If you can't find a babysitter, then just don't go! Simple as that.  I would not want to ruin the movie for everyone else in the theater that paid an arm and a leg to see the movie. I understand having a baby can be stressful at times, and maybe people don't have anyone to watch the baby...then take turns with your spouse/significant other.  One stays home with the baby, while the other goes to see the movie, then switch the next time.

If you are going to see a Disney movie, or a family friendly movie then I can understand that showing will most likely be loud, kids crying, running all over, etc.

I did a little research in the lovely Internet world and they actually have theaters where you can bring your baby, but it's set up for that entire showing to be baby friendly.  So my understanding is certain theaters have certain showings designed for babies to be present.  I am all for that, if that is what you choose to do.  I still would not want to bring my one year old to the movies.  I would not enjoy the movie at all, and why put her through that?  She's a baby, they cannot sit still and could really care less about a movie at this age. But to some, that might sound like a great idea to be able to bring your baby to see a movie among other babies and parents.

What are your thoughts about the topic?

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