the bachelor.

I love the Bachelor and the Bachelorette! I most usually watch them unless they are really really bad like Juan Pablo's season. But this season? I am stoked about. After watching the first episode last week, Ben The Bachelor seems like a really down to earth dude. So did Chris Soules from the last season, but he was kinda weird as the season went on. Ben seems so genuine and really wanting to find a wifey.
Now for the best part...the cast! It's so fun to see what type of girls are on the show, and which ones the guy decides to pick. The first week I was shocked he kept the drama queen Lace, and the weird dentist chick Mandi. Weird weird. Maybe he has to keep some drama chicks for the first few weeks to keep people watching, myself included. Haha.
So cute.

Like anything else on this blog, these are just my opinions, that's all. You can feel however you'd like to feel about the contestants. Did you have fun watching last night? It's so funny to watch how dramatic things get! These thoughts will most probably change as the weeks go on, and you start to see more personality.  Until next week...

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