reese's bars.

The other day, my husband made Reese's bars for dessert. He was home with Hadley while she was sick and during one of her naps he managed to whip these up. I told him, "hey can you take some pictures of the process, I could do a post about those!" So he did!
Here is the box, you can find it in the baking section at the grocery.
I'm not exactly sure on the steps, but I can take a wild guess that this was the bottom layer of the yummy peanut butter mix.
The chocolate frosting layer on top.
And the final product. These were pretty good, the bottom layer was a little different tasting. The top layer of course was my favorite, love anything chocolate. It was a nice surprise to have dessert for a change. We normally never have dessert unless it's for a special occasion. Thanks for making this Kev!

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