our super chill weekend.

- was home sick with the stomach bug....again. Started feeling better late afternoon.
- Went to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner since it's been awhile. All I ate was cheese and a mountain dew. Not my normal for this place, but it's all my stomach would handle.
- Miss Hadley wasn't feeling well because she was cranky big time and that's not her normal either!
- Went to brunch with my Mom, brother, SIL, and nephew. Hadley started feeling a little poopy, but like with everything she is always a trooper. She ate like a champ.
- Started watching the Netflix Making a Murderer and we were hooked. Watched all ten episodes the entire weekend, and OMG the outcome? Just insane. It's the craziest case I've ever heard of.
-Hadley still wasn't feeling herself, but we desperately needed to get out of the house so we went to the Travel, Sports & Boat Show to dream of owning a huge boat someday. She loved hanging around in the boats, she just sat there and looked around like ooohhh awwww. 

Very chill weekend for sure, lots of sickness going around our family and hoping it goes away very soon! Hadley is hanging in there, but officially has her first bad cold. I've started taking a daily vitamin in hopes it knocks out any future bugs!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great week.

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