hadleys newborn - one year baby book.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that this book is finished! She is technically "13 months" as most Moms like to say it and I have completed her newborn to one year baby book! Now don't get me wrong, I do have a traditional baby book that has her little foot prints in it, and things like that. I plan to share that next week, but for now I'm so happy her first year is done and in the books!
This book is basically a blank notebook full of pretty blank pages for you to do whatever you choose on it. Sort of reminds me of those smash books if you know what those are. It's just a big blank pretty notebook/journal that I put photos on and wrote words on.
The first page starts with when we first went to the hospital. I did a little journaling to talk about the experience of being induced. Throughout the book, I basically just taped photos on each page, then hand wrote a little something next to each photo.
Some pages have pockets on them, which I stuck some papers in there like the inducing paperwork, my hospital ID bracelet, things like that. One thing that I've always wanted to know about my own birth, is what the hospital room and technology looked like back then. So I had my husband take some photos of the room, and the infamous blue chair that Kev sat on while I was in contraction hell.
Pretty self-explanatory....Hadley was born! In the little blue pocket I stuck all three of our hospital bracelets in there.
On each page, I used a little piece of washi tape and hand wrote in how many months old she was. It's tough keeping track of all that! I wish I would've gotten photos printed each month and kept them in a folder or something. 
I'm so happy that Hadley will have this book as a memory of her beginning times here in this world. I'm not sure what my plans are for each year here on out, but I hope to document her life somehow on paper. I want her to see her childhood in photos and words from her Mama. I think that would be so awesome to have for when she gets older. 

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