around here.

around here this little one had a double ear infection plus her 1 year checkup which entailed 4 shots plus a finger prick! Poor thing is such a trooper. Starting to feel better...
around here took the ferry across the river to pick up my Dad at the airport. Feel for those guys out in the cold, especially in a boat on water in these frigid temperatures.
around here loving the smallest planner I've ever purchased. Only thing I'm not used to is how small the weekends are, not much room to write everything but it still works.
around here my current necklace holder is hanging on the wall behind our bedroom door. In desperate need of a giant jewelry holder.
around here decided to try our company cafe, then quickly decided not to go back. Not so good.
around here loving my new Tervis cup. Go Bearcats!

So happy it's Friday. Tons of snow is on the way, but not until later this afternoon/early evening. Doesn't really bother me much, unless it's so much snow the roads are really bad. My car is big enough where I feel safe, but it's still a little nerve racking driving in the messy snow. Hope you all made your grocery trips last night, I'm sure they are going to be out of everything. I've got my basics...rum, bread, and chicken. Good to go for the weekend. Stay safe out there, and happy Friday!

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