around here.

around here looking on Pinterest for more storage ideas in Hadleys room. 
around here we fed Hadley in the family room so we could watch football!

around here started a fun new project called 52 weeks of Hadley
around here we are going to start a chore chart for Brady & Natalie! Searching online for ideas.
around here Hadley woke up at 5am and she chilled in bed with her Dad. He decided to take a selfie and didn't realize the flash was on. Please don't kill me for posting this, but it was too cute!
around here Natalie's volleyball team just loved Miss Hadley. 
around here our family decided on the Dirty Santa for next Christmas! Yay!

Not too much of an exciting week around here. Came down with a 12 hour stomach bug, it was rough and I hope no one else gets it. But another sports packed weekend is in store for us. Brady has a basketball game, and Natalie has a volleyball game, and then a tournament game after that! A 2nd birthday party, and then demo practice for Brady. Lots lots going on. And then...what I'm most excited for is our lovely Cincinnati Bengals play Saturday night for the playoff game. Hoping for a nice win against the Steelers! Who Dey!

Happy weekend folks.

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