a 5 year baby book.

Last week, when I shared Hadleys first year book, I mentioned I would share her actual baby book too, the one with the little footprints you get at the hospital. Well here it is! This book was a gift from my cousin Ema and I just love it!

When you first open the book, I taped in a letter the hospital gave us that had all of the nurses sign. And the little card they stick on her baby cart.
This page is all about her family, grandmas, grandpas, great-grandparents, etc.Where we (the parents) were born, who visited in the hospital, things like that.
The day she was born is my favorite page!
It had a page to write in some of the current events going on the year she was born. How much a gallon of milk costs, a loaf of bread, etc. And then the little footprint page! So cute!
Here is her birth announcement, which is one of my favorite photos of her.
A section on bringing her home, so I stuck a photo of what her room looked like. And then her first bath. I blurred out the date because I'm pretty sure her first bath wasn't in December lol
Christmas time! Photos with Santa and family. And the one where I dressed her all up in front of the Christmas tree just to get a photo. I hope she cherishes this book when she gets older. Some people never fill out the pages completely which I totally understand, but it is nice to have this book to remember the days of when she was first born.

The pages beyond this go into her first birthday, and then birthdays ages 2 through 5.  I seriously cannot wait to fill them out!

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