december : currently.

typing this on my laptop that is about to be fried any day now.

loving the time off work this month.

totally feeling like Hadley is no longer a baby.

seeing pure joy in Brady and Natalie's eyes as they play with their little sister.

reading about some new foods for Hadley to try.

feeling good about no bottles during the day for her.

believing I'm ahead of the game with Christmas shopping this year.

anxiously waiting to start the wrapping process.

packing up toys for the poor family with co-workers.

wearing this jacket all the time.

watching Mike and Molly re-runs every night with Kev.

wanting to get back into sewing.

planning future dates in my new 2016 planner.

thinking I can't believe I downsized so much on a planner.

getting used to this warmer weather.

hoping it's cold or snows a little for Christmas.

eating chicken like a crazy person.

starting to get all the lovely Christmas cards in the mail.

looking forward to Hadley's reaction to Santa.

wishing you all a happy merry Christmas!

P.S. A cute little Santa Tracker for the kiddos.

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