hadley turned 1!

My sweet Hadley Mae turned one this past Saturday. I had so much fun planning this party for our little girl...here are all the fun little details... 
The big engineering print I bought at Staples was $6 I think? Super cheap, and very easy. I made the infographic in Photoshop, and adhered it to black foam board.  The 1 day 1 year was a framed chalkboard and I taped the photos onto the frame and hand wrote in chalk 1 day 1 year. 
Made her a time capsule box for people to write things in to be opened when she turns 21! However, I must not have told many people about it because no one filled it out! Oh well, I have things I'm going to put in there like the bib my Mom made her and things like that. 
I made the little stand that the confetti oreos were on, another super easy project. All you need is some spray paint, really good glue, candle sticks, and some wood and you're good to go! 
I made a big cake for everyone to have, and a smaller cake just for Hadley. Cake making is hard stuff let me tell ya! It took me forever to make these cakes. The big cake is white cake mix, the hardest part was getting the frosting right.  
Hadley's cake was really simple, plain white cake, and buttercream pink picing. I could've bought one that was all fancy and had a bunch of icing but I didn't want that. I like how it turned out after all. The "1" cake topper is just pink scrapbook paper glued onto a skewer stick! 
 For the food we had ham & cheese sliders, wings, hot dogs, fruit cups, pretzels, carrots, a punch, and some lemonade.
The gifts sign I handcut out on scrapbook paper, taped each letter onto some string, and hung it that way. This place would not let us use scotch tape, so I used washi tape everywhere and things kept falling, ugh.  
The backdrop behind Hadley's chair were two sets of doors I had from our wedding. We didn't use them for the wedding but I knew I'd get some use out of them sooner or later. They worked out perfectly! The little circles I hand cut out of felt, and sewed each color strand together.  
Her outfit was my favorite part! The photo on the left is an idea I found that I fell in love with so I had my talented Mom make this for her! It turned out awesome. Hadley wasn't the biggest fan of the headband, so that didn't last long but she wore it for a few. 
Love love love how it turned out!  
Her 12 month photos. 
I had one little game for the kids to play, it was, "pin the party hat on Hadley!" I printed a large engineering print of Hadley in black and white, then made paper party hats for the kids to pin the hat on. It was something fun to do for a few minutes with the kids. 
Natalie her big sister was a big helper with her presents. We only had her open a few because she can't really sit there and open them all. She was so good though! 
Instead of the traditional baby phrase, "How big is Hadley?" and the kid usually puts their hands up and say "sooo big" right?  Not my child.  My husband taught her when he says "touchdown" she throws her hands up! It's hilarious! 
Next was cake time! My Mom made her a bib that says "Today I Eat Cake", which will go in her time capsule! 
She was so surprising when it came time to dive in to her cake. She just touched it and slowly put pieces in her mouth. She was just happy she could touch it I think! It was so cute. 
For the favors, we had these amazing cookies made! Due to lack of time, I wasn't able to package every single one and put a little tag I made on them. So we just handed them out as people left.  
My sweet Hadley Mae, you are now one years old. There's something about turning one that really reinforces the feeling of having a baby to becoming a toddler. One whole year of having a daughter. Of getting to know her. Of being her Mama. Of loving her. She has managed to captivate me and completely and utterly rock my little world. 

There are so many awesome things that outweigh the lack of sleep....
Like the fact that you learn how to love unconditionally. Like seriously for real.
Her first laugh. 
Hearing "mama" for the first time as my heart just melted.
Those slobbery kisses.
Hugs and cuddles.
The feeling of being trusted completely.
The highs are epic. The lows are crushing. But the ride is absolutely thrilling.
Becoming a Mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me, after becoming a wife after years and years of saying I'd never get married!

Just look at that face. She is beautiful. She's mine and she's ours and the four of us are so lucky to have her. 

We hope you had a very fun 1st birthday party (even if you can't remember it, I have pictures to show you when you get older lol)

♥ Mama

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