diy halloween costume.

For Hadley's first Halloween, I found this costume but knew I could make it instead of buy it for $50+ bucks! So in true Mandy fashion, I did a little searching and found my inspiration here!

First thing you'll need is a list of the supplies for this costume:
  • felt
  • hot glue gun
  • good scissors
  • 4 pairs of leggings/tights
  • fabric dye
  • white onesie/t-shirt
  • fabric stuffing
  • 1/4" black elastic
  • sewing machine or needle/thread
For Hadley's costume, I went with purple and for Natalie's costume I went with blue.  So I picked out four different shades of purple & blue for each costume. Then I traced a ton of circles on the pieces of felt, then hand cut them all. It's hard to say how many pieces of felt you will need, it all depends on how many circles you want and how long the legs are of your child. =) This part probably took the longest, so put in your favorite movie and get to cutting! 
After all the circles were cut, I started on the leggings.  For Hadley, I bought actual pants/leggings for her since I knew it was going to be a little chilly but I'm sure tights would work too. I used my sewing scissors and cut right down the middle of the leggings. 
After each pair of leggings were cut down the middle, I turned each leg inside out and sewed the hole up. Please bare with me on my proper sewing terms, I'm not an advanced sewer so I say whatever lol
Each pair looked like this, not perfectly even as you can see but this costume is not for a big musical play being shown in front of millions of people haha so I didn't mind too much it wasn't perfectly even. 
Once each leg was sewn, it was time to glue all of the circles on! I put a piece of aluminum foil inside the pant leg so when I used the hot glue gun, it wouldn't glue through to the other side. 
I went big circle first, then small circle, so on and so on. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
After all the felt circles were glued on, I sewed the bottom of each leg shut leaving the top open for the stuffing. I probably used a big bag and a half of stuffing for both of these costumes. I did not fill each leg fully to the top with stuffing, because I needed to leave room to sew the tops.
For the tops of each leg, you'll want to create a loop big enough for the elastic to slide through. This part was a little tricky because the tops were a little thicker than the bottoms. For Natalie's leggings, I ended up cutting off the thick part, and then sewed it. 
I know you can see the white thread, and what I should have done was use blue and purple thread but I have a good reason! My sewing machine is finicky when I change the thread, so instead of messing with it I just left it and used white.
For the hat you will need a white t-shirt, fabric dye, and white/black felt.
I used two of my husbands old t-shirts for the hats. To use the fabric dye, all you do is spray it directly on the t-shirt. Let the shirt air dry, once it's completely dry, toss it in the dryer and there you go!
After I measured each of their heads, I sewed the shirt so both ends were still opened. For the pattern, I totally winged it. Tore out a page of a magazine that was right by me, hand drew the pattern, and went with it. 
Cutting the pattern was a little tricky, next time I will not make the top so skinny because that was a little hard to sew around for me.
The eyes were easy, just drew circles and sort of guessed how big to make them for each of the hats. Used the hot glue gun to put them on the hats, and don't forget to use aluminum foil or it will glue to the other side!
For Hadley, I took a plain white onesie and did the same dying process as I did with the hat. Sprayed the dye directly onto the onesie, let air dry, then toss it in the dryer for 20 min.  I didn't worry about dying the bottom of her onesie since you wouldn't see that part at all. For the blue octopus, I bought a plain blue t-shirt that matched perfectly!
So very happy with how these turned out! I cannot wait to make more costumes for them. My Grandma June and my Mama made our Halloween costumes when we were younger. I have so many good memories of those days I cannot wait to make those same memories for my kids. Hadley did great in her little costume, she sat in her stroller and was pre-occupied by all the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood!

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  1. Great job! Loved it Mandy both girls looked so cute! Lori