what our weekend looked like.

We finally ordered a mirror that has been missing for a few months now! It's nice to be able to see on the right side of the car in traffic! haha
Been in a crafty mood lately and this is the second little sign I've made for our house. All it is is two pieces of burlap, paint, and hot glue.  Oh and a sewing machine lol but could hand sew also.
Went to another favorite restaurant of our's on Saturday night. Hadley tried mandarin oranges for the first time, a little tart by the look on her face.
On Sunday the kids had a Halloween party at their school. Hadley loved walking around checking out all the crazy kids running everywhere.
After the Halloween party, Natalie had her last basketball game at the same gym! My Dad came to see the game, and Hadley was a little tired by this point, She fell asleep in my arms poor thing.
When we got home she was wide awake and ready to play some more.

It was a busy weekend for sure, but glad it's a fresh new week. Happy Monday! Hope you have a great day and a great week.

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