hadley @ 10 months.

This little miss is 10 months going on two years old! She has so much personality it's comical. She's got a little bit of her Mama's stubbornness in her, along with her Dad's go with the flow vibe. She knows what the word "no" means, but still tries to get away with it. It's hilarious. She is walking all over the place now, still a little wobbly but for the most part she's on the move. We have to keep all the doors closed in the house or she will ran sack whatever room is open. Yesterday, she put her hands in the toilet bowl while under her Dad's watch I should say haha But the last photo here, even though it's a bit blurry, it's my fave. Just a random smile, because they are hard to come by. She usually just looks at ya like hmm...intuitively thinking. She's definitely a thinker and very cautious when it comes to strangers. Hope she never loses that!

(Headband made by: Amy Sue)

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