our memorial day weekend 2014.

Packed up the car, including George! As you can see we barely have enough room when we take the dog but it works for now. Once we got to the lake, George did pretty good just chilling on the dock. The boys were really interested in fishing and Brady caught a big catfish! He was pretty excited about that.  Natalie got to wear a new bathing suit, so I snapped a little photo of her. Along with fishing, the kids were obsessed with the neighbors paddle boat, they took turns driving and picking each other up. Took lots of boat rides, took the kids skiing and tubing too. Saturday the lake was pretty crowded, but Sunday and Monday it wasn't too bad. I'm so excited to wear my normal halter top suits so I don't have to worry about tan lines for a wedding dress anymore! Took a pontoon boat ride after dinner Sunday, George loves all the fresh air. My brother-in-law Brian took turns throwing a football to the kids as they jumped in the water. Little Miss Natalie is jumping off the dock still, but yet to go under lol Little Mattie has no fear and reaches out of the boat to touch the water.

Overall it was a great weekend, with good people, and even better weather.

Have a great week!

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