around here.

The best news is the big announcement is out of the bag and I can say more normal things in these posts instead of ignoring the white elephant in the room. I'm starting to get my energy back and it feels awesome. Not as tired as before which is great!

This week I took lunch outside because it was sunny and nice out, and read my school book Zapp. Very weird book but its required so I'm reading it.

Drove by my old grade school on Wednesday and it looks exactly the same, they added some landscaping to spruce the lawn up a bit. Brought back lots of memories of fourth through eighth grade at that school.

Our lilac bush right outside the fence is blooming like crazy and it smells lovely!

Made these lemonade cupcakes for a bake sale at work, it is for a great cause of our coworkers is battling breast cancer and part of the proceeds go to her to help with her medical bills. The cupcakes were soooo good I'm making another batch this weekend for us.

George loves it outside, even runs right by the pool but still has no interest in it. It'll be curious to see how he reacts when all the kids are jumping in and out all summer.

Like the typical Ohio weather, it was a whopping 42 degrees in my car this morning, when just a few days ago on Tuesday I was burning up at lunch. Crazy Ohio weather. 

Did you see Stumbleupon's background? Looks so relaxing and I'd love to be there right now!

Life is full. Life is good. Happy Friday.

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