wedded wednesday : diy burlap programs.

Like everything else in this wedding, these DIY programs were my most favorite part to make! took a lot of work, I mean a lot of work, but I enjoyed every moment of it!

Supplies needed to make these programs:
  • variety of decorative scrapbook paper
  • white card stock
  • burlap
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • thread
  • glue stick(s)
  • photoshop elements (or you could use microsoft word)
I designed the programs in photoshop elements, but I'm sure you could do microsoft word also, whatever works for you and are comfortable with. The above images are all my own words, please be so kind and respect this space and give credit back to MJB Loves. 

How I assembled these babies:
Printed each page of the program with two on each page to save paper, cut to the desired size, put each page in order, I have tons of random scrapbook paper that I was able to use. It didn't matter to me if they all matched, I used tons of different designs and colors, and loved the way it turned out.
The burlap was the hardest, longest, most time consuming part of these programs. I couldn't tell you how much burlap I bought, but it was a lot! I hand drew the design on regular computer paper, put it underneath the burlap, traced the design with a black magic marker onto the burlap, then hand cut each one out individually! Yea....lots of work. Watched lots of movies in the lady cave for sure!
To adhere the burlap onto the paper, all I used was a glue stick. Actually, more than one glue stick, more like 2 or 3!
 Once all the separate pieces of paper, the front cover, the back cover, and the burlap were all ready to go, last thing I had to do was sew them together. I used plain white thread, and sewed a straight line down the left hand side to use as the binding to hold everything together.
 To display the programs at the ceremony, I bought a metal basket at Hobby Lobby, used Mum-Mum's doily (Mum-Mum is my Dad's Mom who is deceased), and put the programs in the basket.
These DIY programs were a huge labor of love, each one hand cut, hand sewn, all put together by my own two hands. Very proud of how they turned out!

Inspiration via : Intimate Weddings
Photos via : Sadie & Jess


  1. What a great DIY idea.I like the cute programs!Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is an awesome idea and i LOVE this color pallet. I have been working on it myself recently.