bringing me joy.

The first two months of 2014 has been one of the gloomiest wintery mixes of cold, snow, cold, and more snow. So I started to think of something to lighten up these days or perhaps weeks. It's a great way to concentrate on the lovely things in life, especially during the dreary bitter cold winter months! And perhaps this will be a fun thing to do when the warm sunshiney months arrive too!
fence. Since we got our new fence installed, it has been wonderful letting George out. We just open the door and he runs out and does his thing. Plays with his toys, goes to the bathroom, whatever it may be.  
under armour shoes. These shoes were a Christmas present from my parents, and over the weekend I wore them in Chicago walking around and they are very comfy! I usually only wear them for Jazzercise but I wanted to try them out to see how comfortable they really are. Very happy with my choice!

spring break. It's been nice to have a week off school and not have to worry about giving a speech in Business Communication class, or studying weird organisms for Biology. 
family. Very thankful my husband and I have these people in our lives. Family is very important as it shapes our growth and personality. The family protects your dignity and takes care of your well being. They give us guidance, support, and love.

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