bee's knees the cocktail.

One of my co-worker's first told me about this drink a few weeks ago and it sounded so so good I had to try it. Finally made it over the weekend and......yum.
To make :
2 oz of Brooklyn gin
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz honey syrup (use honey and water equal parts)

I used regular Seagram's gin, couldn't find Brooklyn gin at the local liquor store. Once you mix the lemon juice and honey syrup with the gin, taste it. You might need to add more lemon juice, or more honey syrup, or less of either. All depends on your taste buds. This is definitely a sipping drink for me. I added a little bit more lemon juice, and more honey syrup than the recipe calls for. Have to kinda play with it to your liking. And if you are not a math whiz like me, I had to google how much is 3/4 ounces! Seriously, I am so bad at this kinda stuff. 3/4 ounces equates to 4 1/2 teaspoons. It tasted good with that amount, which is all that mattered to me!

Shake with ice and serve!  Enjoy!

Source : Brooklyn Gin

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