meet george.

On Saturday, we added a new member to our little family. His name is George. And he is awesome.

Kev and I have been talking about getting a dog the past few months, and we really started looking after Christmas. On Friday, I found this fella online through Pet Finder. Filled out all the information, and just a little FYI, if you are adopting a dog, they ask you a lot of questions! They just want to make sure the dog isn't going to a crazy person home, which is totally understandable. On Saturday morning, the lady called to let us know we were the first family to put a formal application in for this dog, and to let us know where he would be so we could go "meet" him. The kids were so excited, so were Kev and I. We both grew up with dogs, and wanted to have one of our very own for our family.

We arrived to the place and immediately found him. We walked right up to his crate, and started putting our hands through the holes to touch him. Kev found the lady from Louie's Legacy, and she opened up the crate for us to meet him. Oh my gosh. This dog was as sweet as can be. He is a big boy, but a lovable big boy. He is 2 years old. The lady from the animal rescue place was so nice, she told us all about him and how he is as far as what he knows and doesn't know how to do. He does know that he thinks he's a lap dog, but clearly isn't lol. He is roughly 100lbs, which is just about both Brady & Natalie put together!
The lady let us walk him around for a little while to be alone with him. The kids kept asking, "are we taking him home today?" over and over and over. We were told by the animal rescue lady that we were "just meeting" the dog today to get a feel for how he is with us and how we are with him. Apparently, this dog has had many other people/families wanting to adopt him, but Louie's Legacy did not feel they were a right fit for the dog.

After lots of questions and lots of information the lady had for us, we were so very lucky to be able to adopt him right then and there! I could not believe it. We were about to own this adorable doggie! His original name was Vance. We decided, well should say, I decided to re-name him George. Kev and I had a compromise about getting a dog. He really really wanted to get a Rottweiler, and I really really wanted to name a dog George. So we found a Rottweiler, and I got to name him George. 

How the name came about, is actually from my Grandma June kinda sorta. She had six kids, five girls and one boy, my Mom being the second oldest. Once Grandma's kids started having kids, their were always lots of little ones running around. You have to have known my Grandma, she had her own little language she used. She would call random kids George or whoever you are because she would get them mixed up sometimes. I once told her if I ever have a child, I would name the boy George for her. Lots of years had passed from that conversation and instead had decided to name my first dog George!

Back to the story. One of the other ladies from the rescue place was so happy she was crying that George was going home with us. It was so sweet. All the people kept coming up to George, wanting to pet him, ask about him, just gawking over this precious boy. Miss Natalie kept saying, "our dog is famous! our dog is famous!" Everyone loved him there! And to a six year old, that means her dog must be famous!  
This photo isn't the best quality, but we took it in the parking lot before we headed home. We were not prepared at all to take George home this day. We drove Kev's truck. Where on earth were we going to put the dog? We didn't want to throw him in the back lol It was freezing and he was brand new to us.  
Lucky George got to sit in the front seat with Kev. I managed to squeeze in the middle of the kids' booster seats in the back. The ride home was a crack up. George was all over Kev. He wanted to lay in his lap while he was driving.
The kids kept saying it looks like George is driving, and it kinda did at different angles. At one point, George tried to hop in the back with us! What a crack up.
Here is his first time in our yard. We are going to make this side of the house his potty area. We are not good at growing gardens so we figured why not have this be his spot. It's not good grass anyway!
His first night home, after the kids went to bed he laid down at the bottom of the stairs. It looked like he was making sure the kids were okay and safe. Very sweet.
Need to look for some cute area rugs, because this boy slides all over the place on our floors. When he goes upstairs to the kids' rooms, he'll run down the stairs, and pounce on the landing, then he flies in the air and jumps on the floors and slides. It's hilarious, but rugs would be a good idea.
Welcome to our family George. We are so glad you are here. We are excited to learn more about you, train you, and love you.

If you are interested in adopting, we recommend Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, they were very friendly, and really care about their dogs going to good homes. As you read with our dog, they don't just give them to anyone. A good friend of mine recently adopted from Hart Animal Rescue, and was very pleased with their experience. Also, another good way to search for dogs is through Pet Finder.

*As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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