around here.

- we had our first snow fall this week, just a light dusting but still had to whip out the car scraper already.
- tried a new snack from Target with a pretty cool name "Boom Chicka Pop!"
- thankful for nice warm heat in my car.
- for the first time since the wedding, had an off day with nothing planned. So awesome.
- went and got a license with my new name.
- ventured down to the social security office to apply for a new card. that place is cra cra!
- had an earphone kinda day when a co-worker is already listening to Christmas music before Turkey Day!

As you can tell by the lack of blog posts, this week has been a bit of a funk for me. Having one of those off weeks ya know! It happens to all of us. But anyways, I'm so glad its Friday and the weekend is here. Yes! Looking forward to celebrating this lil guy's birthday this weekend. Kev and I cleaned the house last night.  We are ready for some pizza, cake, and a good weekend with the kiddos!

Happy weekend.

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