wedding wednesday : another bridal shower.

I spent this past Saturday at my second bridal shower thrown by my future sister-in-law Amy. It feels weird to say sister-in-law but it's going to be real very soon! I was blown away by the amazing decor and personal details! It was so thoughtful and wonderful and I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

This was the invite she made, loved it! The chalkboard writing theme, very fitting!
The food and drink labels matched the invites. It was the cutest thing! She had all my favorite foods, ham sandwiches, fruit, Grandma Merz's pretzel dip, iced tea, sangria, and of course some coconut rum and coke! (my drink of choice!) For the sweets, she had rum cupcakes that were amazing, and do-it-yourself mini fruit pizzas. So delicious! She even had purple, orange, and pink plastic solo cups. Hydrangea flowers in little mason jars. Everything was so nice!

We played one game, and I know some people aren't a big fan of games at showers but I am! I think they are fun. Amy sent Kev a bunch of questions and I can't believe he kept it quiet! For every question I answered wrong, I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. It was hilarious. It was a cute game!

We headed outside to open all the wonderful gifts outside on the deck, it was the best weather. Sun was shining, a nice breeze, and not too hot. The main reason we picked October to get married in!
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. The kiddos were outside with the guys and Brady & Max snuck in for a photo op! =)
The favors. How adorable are these? Orange marshmallows, pink ribbon, and so tasty. 
My future sister-in-law is one of my bridesmaids and I cannot thank her enough for everything! She took our country rustic theme and our colors, and turned it into a beautiful shower. All of the special little touches were so very awesome, and I appreciated all of it! It was nice to spend time with everyone. It also made me realize how quickly the wedding day will fly by. It was a lovely afternoon and I'm so thankful for everyone who contributed and attended!

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