around here.

Aaaaaannnndddd it's Friday! YES!

- Brady put a pot of dirt in our crazy yard that needs a fresh start.
- received a jury duty notice, I'm a freak with that stuff but I hope I get picked!
- we started playing wiffle baseball with the kids, its Team BK (Brady & Kev) verses Team NM (Natalie & Mandy)
- Lebron James posted an awesome quote on Instagram this week, it is so very true.
- My brother sent me this funny picture about lake people, again very true.
- Sent a bunch of thank you notes out from the first shower.
- Started cleaning the lady cave and found a bunch of wedding invitation samples I ordered to get some inspiration for our own invites.
- Received my first RSVP from my cousin Garrett via text message. He is in the Air Force and is unable to make the wedding, and this was his text message to me. So cute!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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