our 4th.

We celebrated the 4th by having some family over. The weather was just terrible, it poured down rain all day and left no time to go swimming. So we made the best of it.
We started the morning off with heading to our favorite place Findlay Market, to get some yummy steaks. The place we like is Deal with Neal, not even sure if that is the name but that's what the sign says! We always get his ribeye steaks, they are soo good!  Then we go to the spice place, again not sure of the name, and get a little bag of the montreal steak seasoning.
When we get home, Kev puts the seasoning all over the steaks and lets it soak in all day until it's grill time. Side note : didn't even realize it as we were headed home I had on a red t-shirt, and white and blue shorts. Very patriotic! lol
Once we got home and the steaks were soaking in the deliciousness, Kev went to sleep for a few hours and I started getting things ready. I love getting flowers at Kroger that are on sale, trimming them down to fit small mason jars, and it's a little festive arrangement. They had red white and blue flowers for the 4th. 
My cousin Austin is a crack up with his iPod, he watches funny videos and laughs out loud like no one's listening. So cute.
Kev is the grill master. Every time he grills steak and corn, I feel like it's the best meal I've ever had. He's the best. Dad and my Uncle Jason sat out there with him while he grilled the steaks, burgers, and corn on the cob. Soo soo good. The entire back deck was filled with smoke. We had to bring the grill up on the deck because of the torrential down pour mother nature decided to do on the 4th.
The food was delicious.
My Mom made fruit kabobs in the shape of the American flag, and Aunt Amy made mini strawberry pies that were low fat. They were so so good, and festive!
We had a great day just hanging out together, making the best of the rain going on outside. After dinner we went out on the front porch and saw some fireworks going off in the neighborhood. Thank you all for coming over and bringing yummy food, and better yet just good company! ♥ ya's!

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