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Friday is here! And the weather couldn't be more beautiful! I can't wait to get out there and enjoy the sunshine this weekend after all the rain we had last weekend. This week has been fun fun fun!

- loving the his and her car coasters from my Mama, they are just awesome.
- read the book Frankenstein for class this semester, ugghh not fun.
- on the bright side, got a B on the paper about Frankenstein.
- Brady learned how to ski at the lake, wish I could've seen him but had to work.
- Started reading Dracula for the next book. Ugghh again.
- Grandma's plant is starting to bloom, it's been about 2 years and the plant is still alive. Grandma, I know you'd be proud, every time I look at the plants on our windowsill I think of you ♥
- The goodies from the surprise bag from my sweet Mother.
- The card that came with the goodie bag, I love just because gifts!
- Last night the sky at Target was awesome, the moon was so bright.

Happy Friday folks, hope your weekend is fabulous!

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