First full week back from vacation, and it feels like it's been non stop. So happy it's Friday and the weekend is here. Anxious to get back into the wedding planning full force. I've taken a mini-hiatus on that and need to get back to it. It's almost July, which is down to a little over 3 months left!!!

- starting to get a tan line on my ring finger and I ♥ it!
- ate lunch at the square a few times this week, it's so fun to people watch downtown.
- Kev and I went to BW3's after my class Tuesday night to watch the NBA finals game.
- my ring underneath the light at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill.
- had a great time at the ballpark.
- walked around downtown after the game, Orange Leaf, and watching some dude ride his bike like it was his job.
- had a congratulatory lunch at work for my new position!
- gorgeous sunsetting on the way home from kickball.
- started the final paper for Business Law.
- the pool is looking fabulous.

Happy 1st official day of summer! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Friday!!!

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