our go to meal.

Do you have a go to meal that you always whip up for dinner? Ours is chicken and potatoes, plus veggies for me. Kev is a non-veggie kinda guy.
We each have a baked potato, chicken, and I add veggies to mine.
The type of chicken we buy is Tyson Grilled & Ready - regular chicken strips and fajita flavored. Our favorite is the fajita kind, but we use both very frequently. We always have Tyson chicken in a bag on hand, almost always. It is yummy and ready to go! Just throw it on the stove top.
I like to mix Kroger brand stir-fry vegetables in with my chicken. It's delicious, I could eat it every night!
We cook the chicken in one pan, and the veggies in another. Once the chicken is just about done, I toss the chicken into the pan with the veggies and let it cook together for a few minutes. Sooo good!
While the chicken and veggies are cooking, the baked potatoes are in the oven ready to come out. This is the meal we make about 80% of the time we are home.
Our go to meal is so good, we seriously eat it almost every night. The other nights we're not eating this, we're usually having Chipolte! He's got me hooked on that stuff....

What types of meals do you all make on a regular basis?  I love trying new recipes, it's been awhile since we've made something new. 

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