how i spent my off day.

Every wednesday I am off work and look forward to this day so very much. It's a nice break in the week, work two days, then off, then work two days, then it's the weekend! Yesterday I had a busy day off, but it was a fun busy.  It went a little like this....
Started the morning off by dropping off my precious Acadia to get the bumper fixed. They gave me a nice rental, the Toyota Camry SE leather seats, the works. Everything was awesome's stinks! Never had a rental car that smelled so bad before but their's a first for everything right? I drove all the way to my parents with all the windows down to try and let the smell out. It wreaked of bad BO, or maybe something spilled in the carpet floor. Whatever it was it's stinky!
At my parents house did a little work around the house. I absolutely love their yard. My Dad keeps the grass so green and it's always so soft. Love love love it. My brother did some mulching for them last week so I snapped a few photos to send to my parents for them to see. It is so peaceful and relaxing there. I love the way their house sits on the lot, nothing but greenery and woods behind them. The newest plant is a cherry tree in the back. Can't wait!
In my parents room, they have this awesome skyline and it had the best sunlight shining through yesterday.  And for the fun of it....I took a photo of my Dad in his marine uniform back in the day. So handsome & looks just like my brother!
We started working on the pool! As you can see by the photos, the water is green and looks like lake water, which is because the cover we have sucks! Halfway through the winter the cover fell into the pool (because it was cheap), and we just sorta left it there until yesterday. Seriously. After two trips to the pool store we think it's going to be good now. We threw a bunch of shock in it, and after an hour or so it was already starting to turn blueish. Won't be long before it's crystal clear again!
While the pool boys, aka Kev and his Dad worked on the pool, his Mom and I worked on the yard. We threw away the cheap pool cover, and emptied the long skinny things that were full of water that were supposed to hold the pool cover on but didn't lol and hung them to squirt off on the fence. After all that work, Kev tells us that he's throwing them away. Figures! lol I pulled massive weeds, it looks like our side yard had mole holes all over. But after a little weed spray it'll hopefully look like regular grass again. Kev's mom swept the entire pool area, it looks so nice and clean! It was a lot of work, but loved it.
My poor back was fried! I wore my bathing suit top and with no sunscreen that'll do it! I took a nice long bath to relax the muscles and cool off my back.
My off day was awesome yesterday, a lot was acomplished and that's always a great thing! ! ! !

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