what a weekend without kids looks like.

Saturday morning was nice and sunny outside, a little chilly though like 50 something degrees but it was still sun shining and it was awesome. Worked out for a little bit, then we went to BW's to watch the Reds game at 1:00 in the afternoon.
After we both fell asleep after the reds game I woke up with a headache. So we went to eat at O'Charley's and I literally had 3 Mountain Dew's! It tasted so good and fed my headache just fine. After dinner we went back home and just chilled. Our DJ has a website that we can upload all of our songs to, so that's what we did until 3am Saturday night. It was so fun, listening to all these songs together and laughing at what we don't want played at the wedding.
Sunday morning we drove out to No Wake Marine to pick up the boat, well it was ready but we couldn't get to it. They had the area blocked off with a locked chain, so we couldn't get in. However, the red & black Malibu that is sitting out front? How awesome is that. And to clarify to everyone.....no we are not getting a new boat for our wedding gift to ourselves! We are totally kidding and wishful thinking! That boat is like 90k!!!!
After we left the boat place, we went to Kohl's and acted a fool! lol If you follow me on Instagram, after we posted the dream boat photo, I posted this hilarious photo of Kev with these glasses and said "just kidding!" about the boat. So thank you everyone for feeling the love for the boat, but we've still got the 15 year old Malibu....waiting to be picked up.
After the boat adventure lol we met with our florist for the wedding, and everything went fabulous! What a nice lady she was. Afterwards we went to dinner with Mom to this new place called the Incline Public House. The food is a little different for the plain taste buds Kev and I have, but the view and atmosphere is fantastic! Can't wait to tell the girls about this place, definitely a girls night out kinda joint once it starts to get warmer.

What a weekend.  Happy Monday everyone!

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