thoughts on the 33 projects.

The birthday challenge has been a fun adventure this past year and I'm sad to see it go. But with all the wedding planning that will be coming around the corner I am kind of glad it's over. It was a blast while it lasted and I had so much fun making all twenty three projects. Pretty proud of myself for completing that many in a year's time frame, plus everything else with normal everyday life things. Thirty three will always be remembered as the year I got engaged and made lots of cool things!
Here are the links for each project and I starred my favorites!
  1. upholstered chairs
  2. string art
  3. fabric napkins*
  4. crayon art*
  5. personalized packaging
  6. road map cork board*
  7. framed love letters*
  8. make a terrarium
  9. bleach painting on textiles
  10. vacation memory jar*
  11. fridge makeover
  12. felt christmas tree*
  13. sweater to a cowl
  14. glitter bobbi pin
  15. felt decor
  16. frame pin cushion*
  17. envelope liners*
  18. heart garland*
  19. craft stick puzzle
  20. confetti on canvas*
  21. embroidered cards*
  22. striped pencils
  23. marbled paper*
It's been awesome doing all of these projects here on the blog. And I can't believe it's been over a week since I've made something! I have a feeling my next project will be something bridal perhaps? I already have an idea in mind. But back to these projects, it's really cool to see all twenty three projects all together in a grid. Can't believe I did all of those in a year, and shared them here on the blog! Fun times for sure. I can't decide on whether to come up with another birthday challenge or just make stuff as I go? Thirty four is a big number for the project front. Maybe sewing projects? We'll see what happens. But for now, thank you for following along with this adventure, it's been a blast!

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