rain rain go away.

It's a rainy dreary chilly day today and I wish it would just go away. Still kicking this cold and rainy days like these make it hard to get through the day. On a rainy day some of the things I like to do are : watch A Baby Story on the TLC channel. I have watched those since I can remember. (speaking of babies, I did my first birth photography last week and cannot wait to share more about it here)! Back to the rainy day stuff....I love watching the baby stories on TV, it's amazing how different each one is and what each mother goes through. Just amazing.
Also like to watch the Wedding Stories on TLC but they don't have those on there anymore. Instead sometimes I'll watch Say Yes to the Dress!. The families can be crazy sometimes!
If I've had enough of TV, I'll go in the basement aka lady cave and throw in some movies and dive into my crafty stuff. My absolute favorite thing to do!
Some days Kev and I will play Monopoly with each other. It's not as much fun with just two people, but we still do it. He most usually always wins and I end up mortgaging all of my property! lol It's fun though. Board games can be a blast if the mood is right.
Clean. Do you ever get into a cleaning mode on rainy days? Last weekend I cleaned out my closet and came up with 2 garbage bags full of clothes I no longer wear. I always tell myself to do that once a year because my motto is, if you haven't seen it in a year then pitch it!
Cook/bake. I haven't been in the cooking/baking mood lately but sometimes on a rainy day I can bake up a storm! When I started the 33 all things lemon, I was in a baking frenzy for awhile. It can be fun to google different recipes and try them out. You'd be surprised what you can come up with!
Hope you have a lovely rainy day!  (Spring cannot come soon enough!)

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