project life : week 5.

Week 5 and still loving this project. For sure. 

Each week I get so excited to put together the photos and embellishments. Kev thought I wouldn't last doing this, but 5 weeks into it? I love it! I've got my routine down and it works out awesome.
The left side this week is the usual weekly card. I have those all pre-made and saved in my computer up to the month of February. Pre-planning with Project Life helps out tremendously! My brother and I went to a UC basketball game and had awesome seats, 5 rows up in the student section. Good times.
Miss Natalie learned how to tie her shoes and had to show me in the morning before school.  I love getting my hair done, it's so relaxing. I always take a photo of it afterwards.
The right spread is nothing but photos. Sometimes I write directly on the photo with a sharpie marker, other times I use text in Photoshop for the writing. I like both ways.
For the Superbowl card, I took some of my own orange cardstock paper and trimmed it down to 3x4. Used letter stickers for the "Superbowl", stuck a football sticker on top of it, and hand wrote the text directly on the paper.
It's fun to document this life each week. Love it. Highly recommend it if you haven't started yet. You most definitely can start any time. Make the album how you want it to be.

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