the k&m engagement.

Ready for a story? Because this is a story I love telling over and over.

On Saturday 02.23.13 my Mom picked me up at the house to go shopping. I brought some shoes from TJ Maxx I wanted to take back. We headed to Panera for breakfast, and I was so ready for a day of shopping with Mom! After breakfast, we hop in her car. Mom hands me this little bag and says "read this, but don't look inside."  The bag had a little note on the outside that went like this:

#1 : It all started Friday October 2, 2009. We came to pick you up for a night game at Great American Ball Park to see the Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (3-1 lose). We picked you up in the Hummer and had very nervous conversation but it was a great night. It's the night this love affair started. Row G Seats 1-4 right on the Pirates dugout. Well you have a package waiting for you at the front gate!!!!!!!

I looked at my Mom and said "Oh my god!" In my mind I was thinking "I'm getting engaged today!!!" Just didn't know when, how, etc.  Soooo the adventure began. A scavenger hunt of our relationship from beginning to now. Each stop was a place that was meaningful to us, and the people he had at each place was someone from my family, his family, and friends. Inside each bag was something I wasn't allowed to look at. Just read the clue on the outside of the bag, and had to guess where the next stop was. It was amazing. Each picture is numbered above, and below is who each person is.

#1 :    Mom @ Panera
#2 :    Brian (Kevin's brother)
#3 :    Aunt Chris
#4 :    Cousin Patrick
#5 :    Kevin's parents
#6 :    Friend Jonelle
#7 :    Aunt Amy, Jason, & Austin
#8 :    Friend Laura
#9 :    Dad & Bro Man
#10 :  Cousin Lauren & JP
#11 :  Aunt Linda

The last stop was our home, and the last bag's clue made me cry big time. When I came inside our home, I finally got to open each bag. Inside was a piece of a puzzle. I put the puzzle together and it said "will you marry us."  I turned around, and there was my man, on one knee, asking me to marry him. It was the best day ever.

I spent the night smiling and looking at my ring. I waited until the next day to call family and friends so I could enjoy the night with my future husband!!! Ahhh it feels so weird to say that, but I love it.

He did such an awesome job with the proposal. I can't believe I didn't know a thing about it. All the planning and coordinating with family and friends that he did was fabulous! I was so impressed, he even took photos of him making the bags and all the clues he wrote out. I will cherish this day forever, and will always have such a wonderful story to tell.
I am in love with a very good man. I cannot wait to marry him and start a life with him and his kids. He has the biggest heart, and has filled my heart with nothing but love. I love the person that I am when I'm with him. He brings out the best in me, and I believe I bring out the best in him also. I have finally met my match.  I love you babe.  Thank you for the best engagement I could ever have imagined. Ya did good. Muah!!!


  1. This is by far one of the best engagements in history! I love you both so so much and could not be happier!
    hugs and kisses

  2. Cutest story ever. I was there at the beginning. So glad it is turning into such a happy ending. Thrilled for all of you. Marlene

  3. Ahh I have Chills and Tears reading it! I am soo happy for you both!

    Can't wait to be a part of your journey along the way to the "BIG DAY" - we so look forward to all the Posts !! LOVE ya

  4. Becca - you are so cute, I love you too sista.

    Marlene - thank you for the well wishes!

    Amy - I love it that you have chills & happy tears, it was an awesome day. Love ya!!!

  5. I am so glad I was able to be a part of this great day.
    The day was soooo awesome !!!! Love, Mom

  6. Gail Geyers best NAME EVER.