from the weekend.

Busy weekend we had and now I've got a nasty cold yuck! Yesterday woke up with just a little stuffy nose, but today I feel just blah. Hope it goes away soon. Kicking up a notch in the Vitamin C department today, maybe that will help.

Here are some images from the weekend.....
My friend Angie from high school was laid to rest Friday April 15th. I went to the ceremony and it was packed. She surely touched a lot of hearts to have so many people at her burial. I had been debating on going but am glad I went. It made me feel better in my heart. It was such a sad tragic thing that had to happen to such a sweet kind person. RIP Angie.
Natalie cracks me up with her baby dolls. She put one of them in her old car seat, and hung some of her animals and toys from the sides of the car seats. She told me "this looks just like Harper's!" The other day when baby Harper came over for her 1 year old photos.
Friday night I went to my Grandpa's with my Mom, aunts, and some cousins. We played Monopoly and it was so much fun! Kev and I play Monopoly occasionally with just the two of us, but it's way more fun with more people! My mom whipped out this awesome popcorn mix from Target, it was delicious. I had gotten my Grandpa a belated Valentines Day gift, chocolate in the shape of tools since he loves his tools. It was a fun night just hanging with Grandpa.
Saturday night we went out to dinner to our favorite Mexican restaurant Cancun. On my plate Natalie noticed my tomato was in the shape of a heart! ♥
After dinner we went to the Omnimax to see Hubble, a movie about a space telescope. Very neat movie. They showed the stars in detail, how the astronauts train to go into space and how they put on their suits before they go into space. Really cool.
Sunday we went to little baby Harper's 1st birthday party! She's growing up so fast. It was adorable watching her dive into her little cake, she was covered in purple icing. A big thank you to my friends Laura and Paul for having us and the kids, we enjoyed it!
All the kids received little goodie bags and inside was a pad of paper and markers. On the way home the kids entertained us by writing Kev and I little notes in the car. Very cute!
After the birthday party, we stopped over Kev's brother's house for dinner. Ordered pizza and got to see the family for a little bit. It was nice, it's been awhile since we've seen them. Can't wait for summer to see them even more!

Happy Monday, hope your weekend was an enjoyable one!

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