10 things that make me happy.

right now....
1. Dinner : a love story. It all begins at the family table. This book I purchased here and it's awesome so far.
2. Felt hearts. Working on some cute Valentine's Day crafts. 
3. 33 projects. Determined to do my best in finishing these projects.
4. The Bachelor. You either love this show or hate it. I love it! 
5. My camera. So thankful for it. 
6. Taylor Swift's song "I knew you were trouble". Every time it comes on the radio I sing it as loud as I can. Love her. 
7. Chipotle. Kev has got me hooked on this stuff. 
8. Snow. We've been getting a lot of it lately and it's so pretty!
9. Jazzercise. Loving the variety of the workouts. 
10.This poster from my words board on Pinterest.

Just a few things I've been loving lately.....
Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start.

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