these brownies are amazing.

Seriously the best ever. And the best part about them, is they are made by Kevin. Yep that's right, my man makes the best brownies ever. I know I know you are probably thinking brownies? Who can screw up brownies? But when he makes them, they are amazing.
He makes the regular boxed kind of brownies too. Pillsbury and Duncan Hines are the most popular brands he uses the most, but usually whatever's on sale we get.
He made these yesterday before my parents came over for dinner. I told him to let me know when he's going to make them. He said "why?" I told him he's going to be a blog post Monday lol He just smiled. So I snapped a few pictures of him in action. He doesn't do anything different with the ingredients, just follows the box.
After he puts in all the ingredients in the bowl, he uses a spoon to get it all mixed up a little bit.
This part might be where his magic touch is. After he stirs everything up a little bit, he whips out the mixer and mixes everything up. He doesn't set the timer, just mixes until he thinks it's good.
After the mixer, he uses a spoon to mix it again.
And there you have it my friends, the most amazing brownies ever. They taste awesome every time he makes them. He has the touch for brownies lol This is pretty funny, blogging about regular plain ole easy to make brownies, but theirs just something about them when Kev makes them. They are soft and chewy every time. Bravo my man.


  1. He is THE best brownie maker! I am soo bad at it, thanks for the tut and his little tricks. You should do a rice crispy treat one for me. I am the only one in the world who cant make them, yours are soo ALWAYS Great !! : )

  2. That is a great idea....rice krispie treats! I will have to do that sometime. Thanks for reading Amy! =)